Faery Tale Online - a persistent browser-based game (pbbg)
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Children of the twinkling stars have fallen mysteriously from the sky and are awakening throughout the land!

Live another life
Welcome to the most dynamic, virtual game world ever created. Players are born into families, villages are built, dungeons are delved, wars are waged, and new lands are constantly discovered and tamed. In Faery Tale Online you don't just play a game, you live in a story of your own creation.
Discover adventure
Explore the fantasy world on land, sea and air as if you were really there. Weapons, buildings, tools - all world objects are created by players for players. Uncover lost ruins, mysterious caverns, arid deserts, and sprawling forests - truly go where your imagination takes you.
Challenge your fears
Arm yourself with magical weapons and armor by finding or making them yourself, or use magic to influence the world around you.
Descend into sprawling dungeons and hunt hundreds of fantasy creatures of varying shape and size.
Resist an assortment of realistic, seasonal weather effects where the snow will actually pile up around you, and the sun will burn your skin.

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