Rules and guidelines for posting stories in the Faery Tale

1. Your story must be approved by a moderator before it will become public.
This may take up to two days.

2. The Code of Conduct of the Terms of Use still apply here.

3. Please make sure the stories you write use correct English, are seperated into proper paragraphs and you use correct punctuation at all times. A spellchecker isn't an unnecessary luxury here!

4. Avoid submitting your story with any kind of text formatting if you are using a text editor other than the one provided. The options built-in with the editor are okay (bold, italics, etc).

5. Searching for a word or number will display any result, even if there are other characters before or after it. To search for the exact text add a hyphen (-) behind it.
e.g. "Build-" will display "We will build a house.", but not "He looked at this huge building."

6. Stories shouldn't be about spamming information about your location, character, race or colony. Instead they should be made into a story that release small details of the world around your character.

Bad: "Our race has five people: John, Mary, Susan, Robert and Michael.
Good: "I looked at John and beamed a cheerful smile at him. After finishing up my work I walked to him for a chat."

7. Don't abuse the knowledge from stories in the game. All information your character has should be learnt in-game. To prevent this from happening, try to only post stories of events only after they have ended. Of course it won't be completely possible to prevent this from happening with this system, but we need to all give this our best shot.

8. Don't post facts as thoughts. This can only lead to frustration between players, and that is something no one really wants. So try to post things your character thinks as actual thoughts, not as if they were true.

Bad: "Danny killed mother because he didn't like her cooking."
Good: "It's a sad day. Danny killed mother yesterday! I knew there was some friction between those two, but for him to actually kill her! I still can't believe it. I believe it was because he didn't like her cooking..."

Remember that you are always writing together with others, and that you write the story of the Faery Tale with those same people.

9. Don't reflect your opinion as the player on the story of your character. If you are angry about things that happened in-game, it's not good to write a story based off of that. Instead, try to put yourself into your character's position and write down what he or she thought or felt the moment it happened.

Bad: "That useless jerk John killed me. I really hate him now...he sucks!"
Good: "I heard something moving in the back of the room. Quietly I turned around, standing in the middle. My eyes slid back and forth from the various crates scattered about to the piles of sacks filled with grain, until I felt a thud against the back of my head. I screaked of pain, and fell down to my knees in the pieces of broken glass. As I was dying, I saw the leather boots of John stomping off out of the house."

10. Have fun! It's never good to do things you aren't enjoying.
- Updated 8-20-2009