Faery Tale Online - a persistent browser-based game (pbbg)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Faery Tale Online?
A: Faery Tale Online is a totally free, Fantasy Persistent Browser-Based Role-Playing Game. This means that if you can read this post you already have the system requirements to play the game. The game world is manipulated using a point-and-click interface for all actions, and uses text for descriptions for all game objects and characters.
Q: What is the setting of the game?
A: Faery Tale Online is based in a high-fantasy, Sword and Sorcery world. Players will encounter good and evil magical creatures, enchanted objects and a huge world where players create the story. You will not see any guns, cars or spaceships.
Q: What is the story or mythology of the game?
A: There actually is no traditional back-story in the game, at least none that was written officially by a developer. The story is created through the actions of the players themselves as they play the game. When characters make important decisions or discoveries, their personal actions are recorded in a digital story-book on the website for all to see. Hence the game's title. You can read the on-going faery tale here.
Q: Is the game ready to play yet?
A: Yes! Open Beta has begun, and you can sign up here.
Q: How do I start playing?
A: Create an account, and sign into the game. Faery Tale Online uses a ground-breaking family system for all players who sign-up. After a player has flagged his or her character for creation in the portal screen, we will notify them when the character has been born in the game. They will receive an email notifification that indicates they can begin playing. We require that players use only one character at a time, however, if a player were to lose a character he or she can easily create a new one at any time.
Q: How does the family system work exactly?
A: Of all the cool features of Faery Tale Online, the family system tops the list. Two players of the opposite sex in the game world can try to create a child (don't worry, there's nothing graphic here). If successful, the female player will become pregnant, and eventually deliver a baby. The mother will then assign the newborn a birth name, and a player who has created an account will be placed in the shoes (or booties) of the new child. Upon being born and during the first few weeks (real world), new players will have limited abilities: they will not be able to initiate combat, speak correctly, gather resources, or create/join work projects. It is really up to the other players (hopefully the parents) to help out the little ones for a while.
Q: What is the general game-play like?
A: Faery Tale Online is one part fantasy world simulator, and another part role-playing game. Players can do just about anything he or she can imagine, within the scope of the game, and it is just about as open-ended as any game in existence. A player can gather wood from a forest or ore from a mine and then use the resources to build houses, furniture, weapons, armor, and much more. Monsters and other creatures inhabit the world, which means that players can hunt them or defend their families and villages on their own. Faery Tale Online depends heavily on players' actions and their ability to imagine and role-play. For instance, a player could use their talents at building furniture and get rich as a carpenter. A player can slay the neighboring dragon, and because of his newfound respect, become the local mayor. If a player doesn't like living with a large community, he can strike out on his own in the wilderness as an explorer or ranger, discovering caves and ruins and unearthing the treasures they hold. The list goes on and on, and there is truly something for everybody in Faery Tale Online.
Q: Can my character gain levels?
A: Faery Tale Online doesn't use levels for experience gain, instead everything is skill based. Your character starts with racially inherited ability scores of Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution which do not change. As your character ages, battles monsters and other player characters he can get stronger. Your character can also gain more skill when working on projects and even traveling.
Q: How do dungeons work?
A: Everyone knows that dungeons are a staple of any good fantasy setting and Faery Tale Online does not disappoint. Unlike most role-playing games, dungeons are not pre-constructed by a developer. Player characters, themselves, must seek out a place suitable for a dungeon and begin mining. Once a mine entrance has been created, characters can dig their own tunnels and uncover subterranean features, resources and creatures. Unlike the surface terrain, travel between dungeon rooms takes place instantly and there is no limit on the size and scope of a dungeon. They can range in size from a single-chambered "thief hideout" to mind-boggling labyrinths that rival Tolkien's Moria, complete with underground cities and architecture.
Q: Is there player-vs-player combat (PVP)?
A: Yes, it is completely un-restricted. Since Faery Tale Online is attempting to be a simulation of a plausible fantasy world, we let players deal with their own problems. However, realize that a murder may not go-unseen and players are free to make up their own laws and rules to deal with trouble-makers. If you live by the sword, you may die by the sword as well.
Q: Am I required to role-play?
A: We ask players to do their best to become a part of the fantasy world that is Faery Tale Online. If you want to chat about your day at Disneyland, or any other out-of-character (ooc) topic, please use our off-topic forum thread, or another social medium such as a chat room or our facebook page. Most players of the game are respectful of keeping the fantasy world separate from the real world. If someone speaks ooc unintentionally we like to gently remind them about it. Remember, Faery Tale Online uses unrestricted PVP, so if a particular character is causing problems other players may, and are encouraged to, take the law into their own hands.
Q: What is The Faery Tale?
A: One of the greatest features of Faery Tale Online is the inclusion of The Faery Tale. It is simply a catalog of every major event in the game world, displayed for all to see at any time. Events posted here can range from a birth of a new child, to a murder, or even to a great discovery by a player. Each event is posted with the date and the names of the major players involved in the event. What makes The Faery Tale so amazing, is that it makes sure that the accomplishments of your character will never be lost. If you happen to be murdered by another player, and you did not know why, you will be able to find out the reasons (if any), and the subsequent events. Maybe the murderer stole your equipment, only to be later murdered by your son who sought vengeance. The Faery Tale provides a way for players to catalog their adventure in a public way.
Q: Is death permanent?
A: Yes. The major goal of Faery Tale Online is to create a living, breathing world where all actions have consequences. In most cases, players do a much better job of role-playing a character when there are steep penalties for their actions. The thing that distinguishes Faery Tale Online from other games with permanent death, however, is the inclusion of The Faery Tale and realistic family systems (see above). The fact that your life story will be recorded means that your legacy will continue on through your children or other player characters who knew you in the game. When you realize that dying is simply part of the ebb and flow of the Faery Tale, you will understand that death can actually be fun.
Q: Can I discuss in-game events outside of the game world?
A: To a degree, yes. If you see it posted on The Faery Tale you can talk about it through forums or other mediums. However, building spoiler web-sites with maps and catalogues is prohibited. Part of the fun of the game is exploring the world for yourself. On a related note, sites that discuss Faery Tale Online tips for role-playing, learning the controls, or any other information that helps players understand the game mechanics (without revealing the content), is appropriate.
Q: How big is the world?
A: The world of Faery Tale Online covers tens of thousands of square miles. The landscape includes nearly every biome imaginable, including massive forests, putrid swamps, vast deserts, dark caverns, and many mountain ranges. The world is full of many, many creatures of every shape and size. The only man-made structures in the world comes from the players themselves, not pre-coded by a developer. If you stumble upon an ancient ruin or a magical weapon, it was built and abandoned by players at a previous time. It is up to you to uncover the mysteries of lost civilizations and their legacy.
Q: How many playable races are there?
A: There are around a dozen unique playable races that you can have a character born into. Unlike many RPGs where races vary only by simple combat stats and appearance, races in FTO can have drastically unique differences such as races that live only underwater, fly in the air or even change shape. The races have not been given formal names, so you will just have to play the game to discover what the players call them.
Q: What choices do I have when I start a new game?
A: Just as in the real world, when we are born, we don't get to choose our name or our strengths and weaknesses. Each player's name will be chosen by the parents and his or her abilities will be based on inherited skills by the mother and father. However, because many may feel uncomfortable playing the opposite sex, we are allowing players to choose their gender. The name you receive at birth will be the one displayed in The Faery Tale, but if they prefer, they can add an optional "nickname" to be displayed in the historical logs. A player's description can also be changed within the game. So just as we are each born with inherited abilities and talents and into situations that are not our choosing, we still have a choice as to how to we will make the best of what we have. This, indeed, provides a level of role-play rarely seen before in a video game. A famous wizard from a popular fantasy film said it best, "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us".
Q: Is there magic? How does that work?
A: Yes. Faery Tale Online is fantasy, and fantasy means players will most definitely see magic. Magic in Faery Tale Online is a little different from other games, in that it is an inherited ability. You cannot study it or learn it simply by reading books or scrolls. Some players will be born with the gift and can use it to help or harm others in many ways. Not all players will have the same magical abilities either, meaning, one player may be able to cast fire-based spells, while another will only be able to cure wounds. In addition, players who desire, can use a great amount of magic to enchant an object with his or her ability. In this way, players can distribute their magic through weapons, armor or other artifacts throughout the world. A word to the wise: magic is not always obvious to the careless passerby, sometimes experimentation is required to unlock the powerful secrets of an oft-overlooked individual or artifact.
Q: How does time work?
A: The game world relies on it's own condensed time system. One game year lasts 6 real life days, one game day lasts 12 real life hours and there are 12 days in a year. Since your character begins as a baby, you will find that some actions are not allowed until you have grown a little older. At the same time, as your character grows older, your character will grow weaker and weaker and become more susceptible to frailty until he or she dies of old age.
Q: Does Faery Tale Online require a lot of my time to have fun?
A: Not at all! FTO is meant to be played casually, not requiring players to "grind" for hours at a time. In fact, someone who has 5 minutes a day will have as much an advantage as someone who has 5 hours a day to play. The beauty of the game is that when you log out, your character continues to do whatever it is that you left him or her doing. Many players log in for only a few minutes a day to see if they have finished building something, switch to a new project, and then log out again. If you get attacked while logged out, your character will defend him or herself using whatever they were left with. If you were wearing armor and sitting inside a walled castle when you quit, your defensive ability will be much better. Just don't forget to log in every once and a while to eat!
- Updated: 11-20-08
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